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We specialize in helping people like you move on with their life and getting out from under situations regarding their homes. We don’t have a one size fits all approach. We tailor every deal we do to the sellers needs.

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Who We Can Help

  • Pre-foreclosure or Foreclosure Assistance: Facing foreclosure? Act quickly to explore solutions that can prevent losing your home and damaging your credit. We provide immediate help to stop foreclosure processes.
  • Probate and Inherited Property Sales: Did you inherit a problem property? We can simplify selling properties acquired through inheritance or probate. We handle legal complexities and offer quick cash sales to ease your burden.
  • Landlord Relief for Rental Properties: If managing tenants and maintenance has become overwhelming, we can facilitate a swift property sale, letting you exit your rental investments hassle-free.
  • Solutions for Underwater Mortgages: Sell your home fast even if you owe more than its worth. Our strategic approaches help avoid financial hits and facilitate smooth transitions.
  • Divorce Property Settlements: Minimize the stress of dividing assets during a divorce with our expedited house selling services. We ensure a fair and fast resolution, helping both parties move forward faster.
  • Avoiding Bankruptcy Through Quick Home Sales: If mortgage payments are unsustainable, selling your home quickly might prevent bankruptcy. We provide rapid buying solutions to relieve financial pressures.
  • Selling Homes with Major Repairs Needed: Unload your as-is property without investing in costly repairs. We buy homes in any condition, offering you a straightforward way to liquidate troubled assets.
  • Fast Relocation Services: Relocate without the burden of your old home slowing you down. Our quick sale process is designed for those needing to move swiftly due to jobs, family, or personal reasons.
  • Bankruptcy and Financial Crisis Management: Facing bankruptcy? Our services include fast property sales that comply with legal requirements, providing financial relief when you need it most.
  • Selling Vacant Properties Quickly: Convert your vacant property into cash without the usual security risks and financial drains. Our process is fast, making it ideal for urgent needs.

Welcome to 209HouseBuyers.com

With more than 25 years in real estate, our main goal is to help homeowners going through tough times who want to sell quickly. If you’re dealing with money issues or other problems, we understand. We buy, fix up, and sell houses to make things easier for you. Our focus is on finding solutions that fit your needs so you can take control and get back to the life you want. Forget about extra stress and fees – we’re here to make selling your house simple and straightforward.

How We Can Help

  • Cash Purchases: The simplest and fastest way to sell, ideal for those who need an immediate and uncomplicated property sale. This method ensures a direct transaction without the delays of traditional financing.
  • Seller Financing: This alternative allows you to finance the purchase for the buyer, effectively becoming the lender. This can result in a higher sales price and ongoing income through monthly payments, which may be beneficial for tax purposes and overall yield.
  • Mortgage Payments Takeover: Perfect for sellers facing financial difficulties or imminent foreclosure. We can take over your mortgage payments, providing you with immediate financial relief without the negative implications of a foreclosure on your credit history.
  • Subject-to Agreements (Sub2): We take title to the property while the existing financing remains in place, under your name. This is suitable for sellers who might not be able to sell through traditional routes due to a lack of equity or other financial issues.
  • Hybrid (Combining Sub2 and Seller Financing): This innovative approach blends the benefits of Subject-to agreements with Seller Financing. In this arrangement, we take over the title of the property while the existing mortgage remains in your name, and you also carry part of the financing. This dual approach can offer greater flexibility and potential financial benefits, tailoring the deal to better fit diverse financial scenarios and providing a seamless transition with minimal tax implications.
  • Lease Options: This method involves the buyer leasing your property with an option to purchase it later. It’s an excellent choice for sellers not in immediate need of full cash proceeds, allowing for income generation through lease payments, followed by a potential sale.
  • Joint Ventures for Development: For properties that have development potential, partnering with a developer (like us) can significantly increase the value of your property, allowing you to share in the profits from the eventual sale after improvements.
  • Quick Close Incentives: To facilitate a faster transaction, we can offer incentives such as covering all closing costs, providing a moving allowance, or setting up a rent-back period to ease your transition.

We are your go-to home buying experts, renowned for our transparent and fair offers. Recognizing that a deal must align with your needs, we strive to extend the most fair offer possible. Our commitment to delivering top-notch offers is fueled by thorough research and efficient cost management during renovations. Your satisfaction is our priority, and our process is tailored to ensure a fast and fair sale for you.


Do We Look Like Some Boring Cold Corporation?

We hope not!!?  We are people just like you. We are real, we have feelings, we are humanitarians, we care, and no matter what, we always try to have fun! (What is the point otherwise?) 

However, this doesn’t mean we are not serious about our performance, our reputation or our business model. We are VERY serious about our image and reputation as a company that is at the forefront of performance. 

Choosing a partner to navigate the sale of your home is a significant decision, and at 209HouseBuyers.com, we understand the unique challenges you may be facing. Our commitment to trust, empathy, and efficiency sets us apart as a reliable home solution in Lodi. With a proven track record, our dedicated team prioritizes your needs, ensuring a seamless process that values your time and concerns.

Rest assured, our professionalism is at the forefront of every interaction. We’ve assisted individuals just like you, offering fair and competitive cash offers without any cost to you. Your privacy is our priority, and we handle each transaction with the utmost confidentiality.

Get An Offer Today, Sell In A Matter Of Days

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